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Snappy Recruit allows job seekers to search for work, receive immediate notifications of vacancies and even apply from their mobile device (iPhone / iPad & Android) or desktop.

Search for jobs and create job alerts for as many different job categories as you feel you are relevant. Push notifications to your mobile device will notify you straight away about a vacancy in that category.

If you stop searching for work, but want to keep your details stored, flick your account to inactive and you no longer receive notifications.

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Choosing a “Security Pin” will allow your searches to stay private if someone accesses your phone.

On your mobile device you can Download your CV so it is already available (On desktop you can attach your CV at the time you apply)

In ‘Job Alerts’ you can Create A Job Alert’.

Once the job you were looking for has been found, set the Account Status to ‘Inactive” and push notifications will no longer be received. However, everything is ready to go if you ever become ‘active’ again.

Search Jobs

On desktop click ‘Search for jobs’ and on the mobile App click the magnifying glass icon to ‘Browse Ads’.

Select ‘Job Category’ and ‘Subcategory’ from an alphabetical “drop down” list. When you enter a ‘Job Category’ the ‘Subcategory’ options change accordingly.

‘Job Term’ gives options of part-time, full-time or contract.

Minimum and Maximum ‘Annual Salary’ can be selected from a drop down on the desktop, and Hourly or Annual Salary on the mobile App.

Just choose a Job Category if a wider range of jobs is required.

Tell the App how far you wish to travel to work.

On desktop, when you search for a job the page asks for a Search name, so you can save your search criteria.

In ‘Create A Job Alert’ you can set up the jobs you wish to receive through push notifications.

Receive notification & find a match

Within minutes of an employer publishing their advertisement, the App notifies your device and allows you the chance of a quick reply.

Check the advertisement to see if it matches all your needs, then select if you wish to save the ad or apply now.


The employer will let you know how they wish to be contacted. If it’s by phone, once pressed it will automatically dial the number given.

If via email, the App will ask if you would like to attach your CV prior to applying. On desktop simply browse for the file you wish to use, on the mobile App you can upload through either iTunes or Dropbox.

If yes, it will automatically go to your email page, with the employer details already put in and your CV attached. All you have left to do is press send.