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Job Search Perth: Top Tips

Hiring the right person for a job is a challenge, especially when you run a small or mid-sized enterprise. You can't afford to waste time and money on a resource that doesn't know how to do his/her job. It is, therefore, essential for you to select the best person.

When it comes to a job search Perth, here are some great tips on how you can choose the right people:

Look Beyond the Résumé

Sometimes a candidate who appears brilliant on paper may turn out to be a major disappointment. You must, therefore, learn to look beyond the ‘stated’ qualifications and past experience. What does the candidate bring to the table? Is he/she capable of handling complex challenges that the job will entail? These are some of the questions you must probe before handing over the appointment letter.

Job Search Perth

Explain the Job Role Well

When it comes to job search Perth candidates expect future employers to be more specific. What exactly are the job responsibilities? Who will be the reporting manager? What will be the specific assessment areas? By answering these questions clearly, you will be able to bring more transparency to the hiring process.

Ask Unexpected Questions

Every interviewee comes prepared to answer questions about his/her education and past job roles, which means you mostly get rehearsed responses. To understand the candidate better, you should ask questions that might surprise him/her. Some examples may include “what is the one thing you hated about your last job?” “Tell me about your biggest professional failure. What have you learnt from it?”

Give them a Task before They Come for the Interview

Depending on the job for which you are hiring, you can think of some really interesting ways to test the candidate. For example, if they are applying for a Sales role, you could ask them to create a short PPT to introduce himself. Since presentation skills are pivotal in a Sales profile, the task will clearly prove if the candidate is right for the job.

Use References

Checking with a candidate's references can help you take the final call on selection. Ask questions about the candidate's past performance, strengths and weaknesses. For best insights, it is a good idea to ask pointed questions when it comes to a job search Perth. You can inquire about specific projects that the candidate undertook and also about his/her style of working.

Leverage Social Media

Social networking has made it easier for prospective employers to form a clear picture about future employees. You can also check out social networking sites such as Linked In, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to know more about the shortlisted candidates. You can find useful information about their social interactions and even working style to decide whether they are right for the job.

By undertaking these simple steps, you can make the hiring process simpler and get the best people for your company for a job search Perth.

For more information see articles on the Australian Human Resources Institute website resources section at AHRI:ASSIST

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