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How to Recruit the Right Staff Members



Staff recruitment and selection is becoming a complex and difficult task due to increasing competition for same talent pool, potential hires forgoing employment to launch startups, and rising salaries especially for people with crucial STEM skills. Nevertheless, it is still possible to hire staff members that suit your company's workplace culture. Here are some tips to get you started:


Recruitment and selection - Broaden Your Talent Search Pool

Do not restrict recruitment and selection efforts to traditional talent search pools. For instance, many employers have made sites such as LinkedIn the first port of call when looking for potential hires. As a result, people with profiles on these sites are likely to receive tons of offers if they indicate they are available. Unless you have financial muscle to compete with well-funded startups or large companies, this approach is unlikely to bear fruit. Broaden your search and tap industry insiders, visit sites where people with the skills you would like hire congregate, or attend trade fairs where you are likely to come across people you can hire.





Recruitment and selection - Use Technology

In the past few years, technology has turned many industries including hiring on their heads. The good news is you can use technology to make recruitment and selection a much easier process. An effective approach you can employ is using mobile apps that focus on recruiting. Such apps use smart and complex algorithms to scour the Internet looking for candidates who satisfy hiring criteria of a given company. You can think of it as technology that matches employers and employees. Although you may have to pay a few dollars for this service, it makes financial sense because you do not have to waste time running all over the place looking for qualified people to hire.


Recruitment and selection - Clear Job Description

Clearly define minimum job requirements potential hires must fulfill at the beginning of the recruitment and selection process. This is to prevent pretenders from sending applications if you post a vague job outline. Remember the more applications candidates submit, the more time you will spend sifting them. Take note that you do not have to use the same industry jargon every other employer uses when advertising job openings. Using such jargon does not necessarily guarantee attracting top talent.


Recruitment and selection - Skill Assessment

When a job opening is advertised, employers can sometimes receive hundreds of applications making it impossible to invite all applicants for interviews. Even after going through submitted applications and whittling them down to suitable candidates, one may end up with tens of applicants. To cut them further to a few candidates, carry out skill assessment via phone or the web. This is important because a resume can only reveal so much about a potential hire. At the end of the day, you will have narrowed down hiring efforts to a few candidates you can invite for face-to-face interview.


Many growing business going through recruitment and selection face the problem of hiring the right employees. Fortunately, you can solve this problem broadening your talent search pool, using technologies such as mobile recruitment apps, posting clear job descriptions, and assessing skills of prospective staff via phone or the web.

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