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Going Mobile: Recruitment Technology Made Smarter & Faster

The recruitment industry network is continuously evolving to stay parallel with the rapid advancements of globalisation and recruitment technology. With over 90 percent of job aspirants searching for the next opportunity to advance their career via mobile applications, leveraging recruitment technology through mobile apps offers incredible value to both millennials and employers.

The Corporate Climber would like to introduce Snappy Recruit.

This innovative recruitment technology company offers the Snappy Recruit app, which benefits both millennials to detect and apply for ideal jobs in real time and employers to attract top millennial talent.

The Millennial Advantage

Instant Communication

The Snappy Recruit app is subtle to navigate and operate and gives millennials the advantage to:

  • Instantly apply for jobs
  • Upload and update resumes (saved on the device)
  • Receive job alerts and follow ups

Job Details

A User-Intuitive Environment & Location Targeting

Tech savvy millennials are resourceful multi-taskers and constantly on the move. The Snappy Recruit app offers progressive proficiency with time and technology rather than consuming your spare time sitting at a desktop to search or apply for positions and receive updates. The resourceful Snappy Recruit app can direct you straight to target positions and apply for them instantly all from a mobile or tablet device.

Make sure the opportunities you find are realistic in location. If you have your location services enabled on your mobile device, you can apply for jobs in your desired proximity.

Bonus Features

  • Keyword-based search
  • Access to job descriptions
  • Free

For Employers

Instant Communication

This state of the art recruitment technology means Snappy doesn’t sleep or slow down which means employers, have a constantly accessible and capable source of marketing for job openings and employment opportunities.

Active Ad

Immediate Candidate Indicators

Need talent urgently? From the minute a job is listed, the app is already telling the employer the number of people actively looking for the job. Within minutes, the job goes directly to targeted app users, who can then apply via the app just as quickly.


Snappy Recruit displays to you how many people are looking for a job in your industry to the left hand side of the category & subcategory before you have paid for your job advert. Additionally, when your advert has been successful, you can instantly remove your ad, which consequently notifies people that the job is no longer available and stops them from applying.

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Words by Ashlee Trout and Samantha Hendricks courtesy of The Corporate Climber

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