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Snappy Recruit allows employers to publish (and unpublish) job adverts using their desktop pc, or a mobile device (iPhone / iPad & Android).

Once your posted job is off the market you can press “un-publish”, which will inform all those interested that the job is no longer open.

Main Hub

Once you have registered and set up your account, the Home screen of the App is the admin area. From here you can post an advert, manage published adverts and those unpublished. To post an ad’ just press the ‘+‘ icon.

It also enables the checking of your published adverts by clicking the dropdown under ‘Jobs’ on the desktop page, or pressing the middle “bullet points” icon on the mobile App.

In the top right of the desktop page and the bottom right hand corner of the mobile App (Cog icon) is where you access your settings. This is where you can enter the details of your company name and address, activate your Security Pin or change your password.

To buy credits, press the Snappy Recruit logo in the centre of the mobile App or Add To Cart on desktop access. You can buy credits as in App purchases using an Apple ID, Alternatively, on desktop you can use Paypal or SecurePay. On either mobile device or desktop, to post a new ad by press ‘+’ button

Adding a job advertisement

Add details of where the job is located under Job Location. (NB. If the interview is being held at a different location, mention this in the “Description” field on the next page). Country and State are selected from an alphabetical list.

In Job Details, add a ‘Job Title’ in the open field. Select ‘Job Category’ and ‘Subcategory’ from an alphabetical “drop down” list. When you enter a ‘Job Category’ the ‘Subcategory’ options change accordingly. (It is a pretty comprehensive list, but if you find the ‘Job Category’ or “Subcategory” you want is not there please contact us through the Contact page on this website. We will add it and let you know when it has been added).

We display a number next to each ‘Job Category’ that represents how many people are looking for that job in that overall category. This is then subdivided into the number of people registering an interest in jobs by ‘Subcategory’.

‘Job Term’ gives options of part-time, full-time or contract.

Job Description’ is where you can let the job seeker know any other pertinent details you wish to convey to your perspective candidates.


‘Hourly Salary’ or ‘Annual Salary’ can be selected from a drop down, and the numbers added into an open field.

Here you can tell the job seeker your requirements for the application and position: Such as a CV or Police Clearance. If the requirement is not included in the list it is possible to add a requirement.

Next choose how you would like to be contacted i.e. phone or email.

Check through all the details prior to publishing.

Once “publish” has been pressed, your advert will go directly to every job seeker that matches your advertisement’s criteria and be posted for casual browsing.


Once the job has been filled, go back into the ‘Main Hub’ select ‘Published’ in the ‘Jobs’ list, select the job advert and press “unpublish”.

This will send a message to all people that received the notification, stating the job is no longer active.

This ensures that you will not receive unnecessary emails and phone calls.