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Employee Development: Tops Tips

One major factor that separates successful organisations from the rest is their ability to identify and groom future leaders. Instead of scouting for talent outside, such organisations look within and develop tomorrow's leaders. For small and mid-sized businesses that operate on limited budgets, it is even more important to focus on employee development.


If you are a small or mid-sized business owner, here are some tips for you to develop employees for future roles.


Clearly Lay Out Your Expectations

The first step to employee development is a transparent dialogue about your expectations. How do you want your employees to develop in the next year? What will be the key areas of growth for each of them? How will you measure their performance?


By clearly communicating your expectations, you can build trust and encourage your employees to step up.


Work on a Concrete Plan

Developing internal resources sounds like a great plan. But to make it a real success, you need a detailed plan to give your employees some direction. For example, the first six months can be devoted to knowledge transfer and training. In the next six months, the resource can take on some smaller tasks to demonstrate his/her progress. The next step could be to put the learning into some good use.


Provide Support

Seldom do employees leave a company that supports them in their professional growth. To retain top talent, it is therefore, essential to back all your resources. If your budget is limited, encourage employees to opt for online training programs.


Start a Mentorship Program

All successful companies understand the value of imparting knowledge to foster a culture of employee development. You should also focus on creating a mentorship program that can equip employees to scale their skills and gain more exposure. The mentors, on the other hand, can be assigned more responsibility to groom future talent and gain leadership insights.


Challenge Your Employees

Complacency is the biggest enemy of any growing organisation. You must, therefore, encourage your employees to step out of their comfort zones. Give them challenging assignments, motivate them to look outside the box and reward them when they come up with a great solution. Career-focused employees would love it if you start acknowledging their talent by posing new challenges and those resources would be your future leaders.


Discuss Future Roles and Responsibilities

Hidden talents often go unnoticed when organisations are simply concerned about numbers. What if the Accountant is actually more interested in a communications role? What if he really can write and will do a better job as a Communications Specialist? You should have an open dialogue with each of your employees to understand what they really want to do. Based on the discussions, you can give them test assignments to explore their potential.


A transparent approach is essential for employee development. Your employees have questions that you must answer to make them feel more confident about their future with you. Be open about the feedback you receive from them and keep an eye on top talent.


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