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About Us

The Snappy App is an intelligent employer / employee matchmaking system, where employers with job vacancies connect with real people with experience in the sector looking for jobs.Snappy Recruit came about as the answer to a problem faced by its founders, who have experience on both sides of the recruitment fence – being employers seeking employees and having been former employees seeking work.The concept is based on the need to speed things up – to fill job vacancies quickly and efficiently without having to wait for weeks to receive all of the job applications and CVs.

For employers advertising a vacancy, the Snappy team believe you want the job to be published immediately and you want to know how many people are seeking a job in your field before you outlay money to advertise.

For job seekers, applying for jobs takes time, which is often wasted because the position has already been filled. The Snappy App alerts people immediately that the job they applied for is unavailable.

The Snappy Recruit App helps both sides. No timewasters. Nor time wasted.

Transparent, Fast, Convenient and Friendly

Snappy Recruit’s first wish was to make the Snappy App transparent. Snappy Recruit displays exactly how many people are looking for a job in your industry before you pay for your advertising.

Secondly, Snappy Recruit wanted the whole process to be fast, and our automated systems mean it’s almost unbeatable.

Being a smartphone (and tablet) app means wherever you are, you’re ready to post a job or apply. On site, in the car, on a train or in a café.

Snappy Recruit also wanted this App to be extremely simple to use. We’re convinced that we’ve achieved this.

However, if you have any suggestions for improvements please drop us a note via the contact page: We are very open to feedback.

Now, if you’re anything like us, I bet you can’t wait to play with it!

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